Aluminum Alloy Smooth Mouse Pad 240x180/300mm tough heavy metal thin desk mattresss elastic anti-skid Bottom Speed Control Mousepad For play ful

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Product Features    


1. High-grade, exquisite, and beautiful appearance: The appearance of the aluminum material with a metallic texture is subjected to high-end anodizing, and the edges are treated with high-precision light.  


2, High sensitivity and high precision positioning: aluminum surface after high-pressure sandblasting, adsorption on the surface of the aluminum fine particles, so that the mouse in the use of more smooth positioning more accurate.  


3, Easy to clean, long service life, aluminum is one of the most stable elements in the metal, use and shelf life can be as long as several decades.  


4, Can customize the shape, widening and increasing the sliding area: large sliding area and personalized shape so that gamers and professional designers in the course of the operation has unexpected inspiration and comfort!  


Package include:

1 x Aluminum Alloy Mouse Pad Packed

02  03  04  05-1  06-1  07  08  09  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  large-size-Aluminum-alloy-hard-mouse-pad-black  large-size-Aluminum-alloy-hard-mouse-pad-silver  large-size-Aluminum-alloy-hard-mouse-pad-gray  large-size-Aluminum-alloy-hard-mouse-pad-gold  large-size-Aluminum-alloy-hard-mouse-pad-rose  24  25


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